Ongoing Research Projects (to be updated):

  • Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms and Their Applications
  • Distributed Machine Learning for Collaborative Robots
  • Distributed/decentralized Algorithms for Large-scale Optimization in Interdependent Networks
  • Data Analytics for Smart Cities Resilience
  • Cyberphysical Security of Large-scale Complex Networks
  • Spatiotemporal Data Analysis for Infectious Disease (specifically COVID-19)



Recent Publications/Preprints (08/2019-present):

  1. Ahmed Imteaj, Urmish Thakker, Shiqiang Wang, Jian Li, and M. Hadi Amini, “A Survey on Federated Learning for Resource-Constrained IoT Devices”, IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2021.[Download Link] [IEEE Link]
  2. Leila Zahedi, Farid Ghareh Mohammadi, Shabnam Rezapour, Matthew W. Ohland, and M. Hadi Amini, ”Search Algorithms for Automated Hyper-Parameter Tuning”, The 17th International Conference on Data Science, July 2021.
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  5. Ahmed Imteaj and M. Hadi Amini, “Distributed Sensing Using Smart End-user Devices: Pathway to Federated Learning for Autonomous IoT”, 2019 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence, 2019, Las Vegas, USA [Link], (Best Paper Award Winner)
  6. Ahmed Imteaj, and M. Hadi Amini, “FedAR: Activity and Resource-Aware Federated Learning Model for Distributed Mobile Robots”, 19th IEEE International Conference Machine Learning And Applications, 2020, Miami, USA. (Accepted for Publication and Virtual Presentation)
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